Success Stories

  • "Dr. Nick has been my chiropractic physician for years. I recently suffered a bad back sprain and needed to be seen urgently. As promised they gave me an appointment for that day. Unfortunately, Dr. Nick was out and I was scheduled to see his associate Dr. Vazoulas. After some concern perhaps fear of seeing someone new, there was nothing to fear. Dr. Vazoulas fits the office perfectly and clearly was a great choice by Dr. Nick. Similar technique but most importantly same approach. He was very professional yet caring and sincere. Being able to be seen that day meant the world to me. Thanks Dr. Nick and Dr. V."
  • "I was never so scared, when my auto accident occurred I feared for many things. After being taken to the ER and finally discharged I was told chiropractic would be a good idea for my muscles and pain. I did my homework and asked around. I was advised more than once, go to HARBOR. After choosing to do so and being seen I quickly realized why. Dr. Nick and his staff are warm and inviting not to mention professional. It turned out that I needed more physical therapy than chiropractic but Dr. Nick said not to worry we can do it all here. I had x-rays done at the office. He later ordered a MRI. A nerve test for my pins and needles in my right arm and right leg was performed in the office by a neurologist. After reviewing the results Dr. Nick felt that PT was my best option and there would be no long term damage. Although my accident was very scary, Dr. Nick made me feel comfortable and handled all of my care. Thanks to a team and office that I highly recommend."
  • "Thanks to my physical therapist at Coastal she decided to include Chiropractic care in my treatment plan. I received chiropractic and physical therapy at the same time. The team approach at HARBOR made a real difference. My leg and pelvis were treated and I also learned that I have a true short leg. After receiving various shoe lifts and instructions as well as follow-up x-rays I achieved great performance. My pelvis is now level, my running is better than ever and I am symptom free. Thanks to a great team."
  • "I have been a fisherman all my life. Twenty years ago I suffered a back injury. After years of physical therapy, pain management, injections and numerous visits to neurosurgeons I was referred to Dr. Psichopaidas in an effort to get relief. His exam was thorough, including x-rays and then he ordered a new MRI of my back. Dr. Nick made it clear that he would not treat me util he saw my results. After reviewing the MRI with me Dr. Nick made it clear to me that my only option was surgery. He wished he could have helped but stated anything other than surgery is a waste of time. I felt like it was the most honest and direct approach I had received. Thanks to Dr. Nick for being honest. I had surgery and am feeling great...great office, great staff."
  • "I have been told that surgery is ahead of me. That was years ago and after many visits to specialists. I'm a laborer and my back has seen it's fair share of hard work. I continue to work and am on my feet 8-12 hours per day. My neurosurgeon suggested that I see Dr. Nick in an effort to buy some time/relief. It's been 6 years now and I am managing my back condition with routine visits. I typically see Dr. Nick once every 4-6 weeks depending on my symptoms. Needless to say, I have not had surgery and have been working all along. Dr. Nick, my family and I thank you."
  • "My headaches have been bothering me for years. I've been told that I have migraines and yet every doctor has described a different headache to me. After seeing seeing Dr. Nick, I learned not only do I have neck troubles but that my headaches are more structural than anyone has told me. After thorough neurosurgical evaluation per Dr. Nick's referral I have been cleared and now include chiropractic care in my life. The chiari-I malformation has been the reason for many of my headaches yet chiropractic care provides much relief. Thanks Dr. Nick."
  • "I've been a fibromylagia patient for years and through various networks learned that chiropractic can affect my trigger points and tension in my muscles. I chose Harbor and after including them in my care not only do I feel better but my other symptoms have also improved. Dr. Nick and chiropractic will always be a part of my care."
  • "After being in pain for weeks there was nothing more I wanted to here than, we can get you in today. Needless to say I felt great in little time. Great office, great staff and was happy that my visit including x-rays onsite. Thanks Dr. Nick great job."


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